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gretta monahan teaches you the easiest, cutest summer hair style!

gretta monahan, of tim gunn's guide to style fame, is the world's most adorable adult. she oozes sweetness and cuteness. also, she is infinitely more "hair smart" than me. yes, hair smart is a thing, and no, i am not this thing. i have a hairQ of about 2.

when i met gretta two weeks ago (at her to-die-for manhattan penthouse) she taught me how to create the most gorgeous, on-trend, low side bun. now here's where "hair smart" comes into it - the bun gretta created involved some teasing, three (maybe four?) sections of hair and looked playfully undone.

however, i've found that i (and you!) can create a similar style, that is much easier and still looks pretty damn good (and is still playfully undone!).

how?: by finger combing damp, side-parted hair to one side (the side opposite of the part) and securing it with an elastic at the nap of the neck. then twirl hair around, loosely, wrapping around the ponytail and secure with a second elastic. finish with dove's unscented extra hold hairspray with natural movement (gretta's recommendation).

i've worn this style two days - it's unique, cute and keeps my hair away from my face on hot days. i have yet to capture a picture, but i shall try!

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