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gimme that divado (contest)! aka get audrey hepburn hair.

the divado may look like a rubber boob, but it's so much more useful than that.

if you love retro, voluminous hair styles, reminiscent of audrey hepburn and brigette bardo (divado has two different-shaped inserts inspired by, and named for, these two ladies), the divado is for you. it helps you achieve these looks without having to tease your hair into a damaged mess.

the divado is sold at divadohair.com - $25 for the audrey, $30 for the brigette -- but, enter promo code: mulm20 at checkout to receive 20% off. and, i'm giving 3 away, enter below. who hooks you up, beauties?! but enter by midnite on sunday (07/26/09). otherwise, like a ghost, they'll be gone.

personal anecdote: this saturday, rather than teasing my hair to pump up the volume, i inserted the divado (brigette) before heading to my friend's bachelorette party. it was super easy (follow the picture instructions at the top), the style held up all nite, and there was no need to deep condition/repent sunday morning. and i think it looked just as good, if not better, than when i tease the sh*t out of it -- what do you think?


Jeanne - Bloggy Finds said...

It looks completely natural. Love it!

Rachel said...

great new product.

Deb said...

I would love to try one of these! I like extra lift in the crown, but absolutely hate teasing my hair to get it. This would keep the hair smooth and get the lift too. Love it!

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