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ddf - bravely fighting acne and wrinkles!

my life is the total opposite of that biore commercial where women are talking about too old for acne and too young for wrinkles, instead i'm worried about both. which is why i'm equally excited about the new releases from ddf.

there are two new products in the acne category - mattifying oil control uv moisturizer spf 15 ($42) and acne control treatment ($42). the moisturizer is light-weight and mattifying, but it has spf! this is the perfect lotion for someone who is sunscreen-adverse because they are worried it will make them break out (like me, unfortunately). i will be wearing it all summer long.
ddf's new anti-aging restorative products use the preserving power of tumeric. i love a star ingredient (especially a delicious one)! tumeric has been used medicinally in india for centuries, now it's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are being used restore skin. the new tumeric-laced products are advanced micro-exfoliation cleanser ($46), advanced eye firming concentrate ($88), advanced firming cream ($130) and advanced moisture defense uv cream spf 15 ($105). if the dollar signs have your head spinning, keep in mind that the before and after pictures of a woman who had used the eye cream almost knocked me off my chair. she literally looked 10 years younger.

ddf products are available at ddf.com and sephora stores nationwide.


SheenaMarie412 said...

In India, turmeric has long been used for skincare. We make a paste out of turmeric and milk (adding chickpea flour for exfoliation, if desired). Then we spread it on the skin (face, body, whatever) and let it sit for 10-20 min or until dry. This brightens the skin, helps with acne, etc. You do have to be careful because turmeric can stain clothes (and nails!), but it has been in this manner for years! Turmeric is also under study for possible anti-cancer mechanisms.

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Wrinkles said...

Thanks for the DDF...i was looking forward for such products.

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