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cover fx, for when you might run into chuck bass.

you know a company has a good product when they specialize in just one thing and are able to stay in business.

havaianas doesn't need to make stilettos, because they make a damn good flip flop. such is the story of cover fx, their whole makeup line is devoted to coverage and camouflage. it's all "face" - no lips, eyes, cheeks, etc - because they do it best.

last nite there was a chance that chuck bass and i would be at the same party (and yes, i know he's called ed westwick when he's not on the gossip girl set, but i prefer chuck bass). since i needed my skin to look as blemish-free as blair waldorf's, i sensed my usual prescriptive's tinted moisturizer - much as i love it - wasn't going to cut it.

i needed a strong foundation. cover fx is renowned for it's use in hollywood - their makeup is a staple on film and music video sets. it was even used to conceal angelina jolie's tattoos in mr. & mrs. smith, so i figured it would probably be a fair opponent for my dark circles and imperfections.

they didn't let me down, the natural fx water based foundation (in shade C40, rose wheat) transformed my skin from somewhat flawed into a beautiful canvas of dewy, natural-looking flawlessness. unfortunately, i learned this morning that i left the party 5 minutes before c. bass arrived. all was not lost though, my "great skin" earned me compliments throughout the evening.

cover fx natural fx water based foundation is available in 24 shades at sephora stores, sephora.com and select nordstrom's for $45.


Vaime said...

Ugh if only they sold something like that here, I've been looking for a good product to cover blemishes for months and I can't seem to find anything good.

Arianne said...

Great review! I love Cover FX. I use the cream foundation as concealer, and there's no looking back now!

I'll have to try this sometime. :)

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