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benefit erase paste for the flawlessness.

beauties, last week i went to a wedding event at the carlton hotel. i learned all the ins-and-outs of planning the big day, but the most important thing i learned is this: benefit's erase paste is a cure all.

erase paste is used for brightening and camouflaging eyes and face, and it does so superbly. if you are looking for serious coverage and a totally flawless finish, erase paste is the ticket.

just when you think you've seen it all...i can't believe i didn't discover erase paste sooner! it's a special occasion must-have. $26 at benefitcosmetics.com.

1 comment:

LBerson said...

I purchased the Erase Paste at Sephora in March and I love it! You only need a speck of it for great coverage.

Laurie Berson

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