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nair exfoliator 3-in-1 - another chimera?!

i didn't want to bring a razor on my trip, because i'm never sure what those FDA flight regulations are, so i decided it was time to try out the nair exfoliator - a 3-in-1 product that exfoliates, removes hair, and moisturizes.

while it did do all these things after being left on for only 3 minutes, it wasn't quite on the schedule i desired. after rinsing off the nair it took up to a day for all of the hair to brush off. however, i love that nair makes it impossible to cut yourself. i always cut myself/end up missing a patch of hair in my knee and ankle area. and so my new genius idea is to always nair these areas and shave the rest.

btw: a chimera, in greek myth, is a creature that is 3-in-1 (part goat, part lion and part snake) which also seems to be the way beauty products are headed this summer. do you have a favorite chimera?

1 comment:

Amber said...

How could you possibly be expected to know what those FDA regulations are?? Everyone knows: You never know what's going on!

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