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make your own damn exfoliator!

ok pretty friends, normally i give you advice that also helps to stimulate the economy, but not today. instead i'm going to save you money.

story time: last week i ran out of facial exfoliator. disaster? of course.

i was debating the merits of buying various costly exfoliatants that i'd tried and loved in the past, when i remembered something from last year's trip to san francisco. one of the girls i stayed with had the most beau-ti-ful skin. and by that, i mean she is totally blemish-free and radiant. when i asked her about it she said, "i eat really healthy and i use baking soda to exfoliate my skin in the shower every other day." healthy eating?!baking soda?! i love my fried food and expensive products! what's a girl to do? i decided to dismiss the advice of this "healthy eater" and just chalk it up to good genes.

flash forward to this weekend, i found myself in need of good scrub, no expensive products in sight and baking soda galore. why not try it out? i wet my face and rubbed it with about two tablespoons of the white powder. and, it worked! my skin was extra smooth afterward with no irritation. i'm sure this doesn't mean i'll be quitting expensive exfoliators, but it does give me the option to alternate with this method and extend the life of my products.

in short: baking soda, get some - if it's not already in your spice rack.

1 comment:

Mela said...

I had this same idea! It's brilliant, isn't it? What do you usually use to exfoliate?

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