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high school party or sex & the city?

beauties, i had the most surreal evening. i attended a launch party at townhouse spa for BeautySweetSpot.com. it was somewhere between a high school party and a sex & the city episode.

why it was like a high school party: i arrived to find guests sprawled throughout every room of townhouse in varying states of soberness, none of who seemed to know where i could find the guest of honor. plus, they were offering something called a spermine facial at the party, where i have heard that before?

why it was like s&tc: everyone there was unbelievably beautiful, well-dressed, and sipping on cherry-flavored signature cocktails. the complimentary manicures were like the keg at a high school party, attracting more eager guests than could be sustained.

was it all a dream? i don't think so, because i woke up and my goodie bag from last nite, filled with samplings of beauty treasures.

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