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give luxenow.com to someone you love.

before leaving for miami, i had to get my nails did. and luckily enough someone had gifted me a manicure gift card from luxenow.com. since my experience was so positive, i thought about how i had to share it with you for the rest of my trip.

listen up, new york beauties, because luxenow is about to become your favorite service. this card makes it really easy to gift manicures, pedicures and other everyday beauty essentials in nyc.

i often think that a manicure is the perfect gift -- not too expensive ($15 for the luxenow.com manicure card) and purely luxorious. now, rather than having to rush over to your friend's 'hood to get a gift card from her local manicurist, you can just go to luxenow.com and order it. with hundreds of nyc salons accepting luxenow giftcards there is sure to be a salon in her area where she can redeem it. be generous, beauties!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're right, it's really practical. I'm a guy and there are all theses female friends who have everything already - what do I get as a gift? Everybody uses manicures and pedicures, but I have no idea where they go.

So this is a convenient solution for me. I can highly recommend.

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