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dashing diva presents slim diva pedicure, and i swoon.

lately the subject of weddings and bachelorette parties seems to be coming up a lot. i think this is a sign that:

a. it is summer, and
b. i'm getting older

to start off a bachelorette party, there is no place other than dashing diva. i've given this advice to every single person who asks, and now i'm giving it to you. they have gorgeous pink pedicures lounges, they have cocktails, and now they have the slim diva pedicure. not only will your nails be ready for the big day, your legs with be looking their slenderest (or as slender as they can without you putting in any actual effort).

what DD says: saturday june 27th through august 31st, customers will be able to enjoy the slim diva pedicure or manicure at any of the 12 dashing diva nail spas in manhattan, brooklyn and long island.

the slim diva manicure or pedicure is a citrus infused service that uses a squeezing massage technique with citrus aroma oil to help break down cellulite and relieve muscle tension. first, feet or hands are soaked in warm water with lemon slices, then the slim diva massage, finished with cuticle care and a polish from the manhattan collection. customers also receive a free 3-minute cooling neck massage!

what i say: i got this pedicure on monday and it is the most refreshing treat of summer. the combination of citrus and peppermint used are cooling and calming, and it came with it's very own refreshing summer juice spritzer! the neck massage was the icing on the cake, i left with a new spring in my step. my legs do look slimmer, but about two days later, so keep that in mind when you are scheduling this around the (or any) big day.

slim diva pedicure: $48
slim diva manicure & pedicure: $68
prices may vary based on location. visit dashingdiva.com for further details.

1 comment:

Angie said...

I could use a slim diva pedicure before I go to the beach this summer! I tried using a mud mask and wrapping in ace bandages, but the cellulite is still there -- grrr!

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