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collective wellbeing detox bar review + off label use.

remember MAC's future earth collection a la last summer (click here to reminse)? i loved using the volcanic ash exfoliator because it was like getting to play in black mud.

well, future earth is long gone (such is the way of MAC limited edition collections -- here one minute, gone the next), but i've found the collective wellbeing's detox bar in it's stead. this soap is made with charcoal, which absorbs toxins (in fact, it does it so well that it is sometimes given to people who have eaten poison). plus, like the volcanic ash exfoliator, you get to cover yourself in inky colored goodness, so it's that much better when you rinse.

off label use: it turns little hairs a very dark black, so when you run it over your legs, you can see where you missed a spot and still need to shave.

$6 at collectivewellbeing.com.

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