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axe -instinct - it's a leather thing.

i have to say, while i may have mocked their over the top advertising, i've always admired axe on two fronts:

  1. the commercials may push the envelope, but they are also clever and innovative. sometimes after viewing one, i've been on verge of buying their product, to test if women walking down the street really would find me irresistible (or does that only work when men use it?)
  2. they fill a niche. men don't want to use women's bodywash/shampoo/etc, but apparently, they do want to groom themselves.
however, i never realized how much work went into their product line until just a couple weeks ago. i was invited to a givaudan, a fine fragrance house, where new axe scents are created. their latest launch, axe instinct, took two years to develop, with a top nose working out hundreds of potential formulas before getting it right. the result? axe instinct is a leather based scent with vanilla and pepper undertones.

axe instinct available in deodorant bodyspray ($4.99), antiperspirant ($4.99), deodorant stick ($4.99), and shower gel ($3.99) at most mass food and drug stores.

check out the commercial below, it's not as provocative as previous axe ad campaigns, but still captures a boyish cuteness. monday morning thoughts, beauties?

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