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5 things i learned in miami.

1. there is no where to eat in south beach if you are on the south beach diet - all food is fried, cuban or italian. some of it is all of the above.

2. if you've looking for a place to wear your absolute most scandalous clothes, south beach is it. i felt like my beyonce shoes were tame in this environ.

3. the thing i hate about traveling is no matter how much stuff i bring, i always find that the one lipstick i want is back in nyc.

4. trying to fit everything into a long weekend can make a vacation exhausting.

5. being away from my computer for 4 days was really relaxing, but i'm happy to be back. i missed you, pretty friends!

ps - if you are looking at that picture and wondering, "what is that?" it's my friend stefanie and i playing in the ocean. and yes, i'm aware that we look all of 6 years old in that picture.

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