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shobha threading gives me a new arch.

i'm normally very strict about letting other people touch my brows, i mean you have to be, right?

but anjali, at shobha, is a brow phemon (she even had her own show in india!), and she told me to just trust her, so what else could i do? i normally maintain a sharp arch and keep my brows a bit thick, but according to anjali that's wrong and wrong for my face. because i have a pointed chin, my brows should be a bit rounder (so i don't look too pointy) and because i have "delicate" (read: small) features, thinner is better.

to make a long story short: i loved the results and am planning on maintaining the new shape. see my new shape in the picture below, taken at happy hour a few days later.

the bad news? anjali isn't in the salon much, so appointments with her are hard to come by. the good news? that's because she is busy training every new shobha threading technician to use her technique. shobha threading has three locations in nyc and the treatment costs $20.

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