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ped egg.

beauties, my feet are a mess. i wear ridiculous shoes, then walk like 40 blocks a day, and now, i have the worst feet in america. and i need to fix it before miami.

meanwhile, all over the internets people have been waxing poetic about the ped egg. at some point yesterday i decided i needed one. no amount of pedicures, exfoliators or lotions seemed to be healing the perma-calluses.

for the unacquainted, the ped-egg is like cheese grater for your feet. it's what you've always wanted to do, but never dared.

and after one use, my feet are noticeably softer. they aren't totally cured (keep in mind i still have blisters, cuts, etc all over them), but they are on their way. a few more ped-eggings and lotionings and i'm hoping they will look like human feet.

now i'm off to get a pedicure in a bright color that will hopefully distract from the blister on the side of my foot (t-1 day to miami)! the ped egg is available at most drugstores (i got mine at duane reade) for $10.

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