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max factor's newest for summer 2009.

mara's back, and she's better than ever, for mlm this monday, mara's here!

remember guest bloggist, mara? well, she's back to share her adventures with max factor. and doesn't she look pretty?!

she writes:

i just tried out some new MAX factor products with jake bailey, celebrity makeup artist for katy perry (!).

first, we tried 2,000 calorie extreme lash plumper ($11, drugstores nationwide), which is great for my campaign to fatten myself up (catch up on that here). i got a little concerned when he asked me to take out a credit card, but i soon learned that its purpose was to be placed behind my lashes during application, allowing for a full slathering-on without all the mess. nifty!

he then applied vivid impact lipcolor ($8, drugstores nationwide) in sweet tart to both my cheeks and to the more traditional location. the lipstick has a high moisture content, and made my lips feel soft and pretty enough to kiss a girl... and like it.


Tabitha said...

I really liked this. I also found video about how to do smokey eyes by MAC at which is really good at http://www.t5m.com/bafta

Leann said...

2000 calorie is the best mascara I've ever used.

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