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dashing diva gelife.

"are you gelin'?"

dashing diva has introduced a new nail technology, gelife. gelife is a soft, removable gel that is painted on top of the nail. it sits somewhere between fake nails and the traditional manicure. it is much healthier than acrylics because it lets the nails breathe, and it gives the nail a longer-lasting and shinier finish than a regular manicure.

gelife premiered last week and is available at all dashing diva salons in clear, cool pink, warm pink ($45) and french ($55).

i was livin' the gelife for a week and a half and i have to say-- it was good. my nails looked super-shiny and finished. only after 6 full days i started to notice only very minor chipping. i definitely want to get it done again before vacation (i leave for miami next week!!!). check out my be-geled nails below, along with my amazing felix rey for target clutch.

1 comment:

Lola said...

If you were a technician, you would know that nails don't "breathe". They are made up of dead keratin cells that do not need air. If someone needs to remove their enhancements due to damage, it is not the product to do the damages, it is most likely the application. Most of the time, all I client needs to do is to change products (or salons), & switch to a different type of overlay system.
Artificial nail products have come a long way since I was in Beauty school in the 70's, I've seen products come and go. This new system seems very user friendly.
I would like to see more feedback on Dashing Diva's Gelife soak off system.
-Jaime's Designs,
Alliance, OH

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