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avon pro 3-in-1 lip wand is a chimera.

beauties, i know you hate when i do this - but i'm going to talk about a product that isn't available until july.

why would i do that? because it is the absolutely perfect vacation tool. there are many lip products that are 2-in-1s - gloss and color, color and liner, etc - but avon has created a lip wand that contains all three. liner on one side, color on the other, and gloss in the middle.

starting july 2009 the pro 3-in-1 lip wand will be available for $9.50 from avon reps in the following shades:

  • berry
  • bronze
  • coral
  • delicate rose
  • frozen rose
  • nude
  • nude pink
  • red
  • solar rose
  • vamp
i have vamp, which actually turns out to be a poppin' cherry shade (see images below). into my miami bag you go!


Bella B. said...

Wait - I don't get it! How is there something in the middle? Pics please! :)

Organic Make Up said...

The colors which are there in the image are really lovely. I think it is always good to know about forthcoming products. :D

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