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vaseline men.

vaseline has done something very clever - they've come out with a lotion line just for men. this is great, because men need lotion, but they loathe grooming products that are not explicitly labeled as for the male species.
i've been a little quiet with you beauties about the new man in my life, but i can't hold back anymore. i discovered this lotion in his bag and the light sandalwood scent has me meserized. i've so far refrained from using the lotion myself, but the scent is so good that i might have to start sneaking it.

at $5.99 for the largest size, why not get one for you and the man in your life? or learn more about the line here.


Maureen Long said...

OH it's so funny that you mention this! I fell in love with the smell awhile ago, and I always keep a tube of it in my boyfriend's car.. he never uses, but I do!

Stefanie said...

Ooh I gotta get some of this! In my case, I have to get "man" products for my guy because he doesn't mind using globs of my expensive, sweet smelling shower gel, etc instead of buying his own stuff.

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