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tres femme girly tube.

sometimes men wander into my purse, unfortunately.

an unsuspecting guy friend goes looking for a piece of gum and ends up digging through 30 lipsticks and, in the worst case scenerio, other girly things he should not be privy to. the former cannot be helped, i legitimately need 30 lipsticks on any given day, but i've found a solution to the latter.

the tres femme girlie tube looks like it should house a cigar, but its girl-ified -light pink and bejeweled. so girl-ifried that a snooping guy friend would never dare open it. thus, saving himself and me much mortification.

this is also the perfect gift for those adolescent girls who are always so tricky (and who i have never personally had to get any gifts for). $13 for a plain lid, $18 for jeweled lid at tres-femme.com.

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