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kings & queens royal favorites.

"kings, kings, kings - we will always be
together forever in dark stormy weather"

this is the start of cheer i used to sing every summer at camp. for the past few days i've been using kings & queens showergel and spontaneously cheering in the shower. eery? perhaps - but i've enjoyed the repressed memories it's brought the forefront of my brain.

i've always been intrigued by kings & queens bright packaging and spicy-sounding scents, but when i saw their royal favorites set was only $8 to try five scents, i knew i had to give kings & queens a whirl. i should mention i love travel size anything - who doesn't love a minature?

the kit includes mini bottles of the following:

  • nefertiti honey showergel
  • chinese princess jasmine showergel
  • queen isabella cinnamon orange showergel
  • emperor akbar mango showergel
  • sultan of granada lemon flower showergel
i'm thinking my next q & k purchase will be the queen isabella cinnamon orange showergel - i'm lovin' it. you get your own royal favorites set online at drugstore.com, $8!

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