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jergens glow in the dark campaign.

i've gotten a little too into the phrase "bikini ready" lately. at first i was using it appropriately (as a reason i wasn't having a second dessert), but i've started using it to describe just about anything (my friend's dog's collar).

my obsession with "bikini ready"should lead me to start exercising more, but i'm taking this one step at a time. so instead of hitting the gym, i'm working on my tan and hitting the jergen's natural glow foaming daily moisturizer. it's a foaming (though just barely, mine is definitely not a mousse in texture) moisturizer that builds a gradual tan. i'm hoping to look naturally bronze by may.

and what does all this have to do with rachel bilson? the former o.c. starlet has vowed to "glow in the dark" this summer (meaning, get a tan appearance without using the sun, get it?). this is the second summer that jergens is hosting it's glow in the dark campaign - to motivate and remind women about avoiding cancerous sun exposure - always a good idea.

start getting your glow plans going, beauties!

1 comment:

kathie said...

I use the jergens natural glow and I really like it. It is a little thick, but the color never ends up streaky.

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