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head & shoulders resolves dandruff crisis '09.

season change, long work days (i know, i know, i said i'd shut up about that), and suddenly, i'm dandruff city.

in a desperate panic, i found some garnier fructis (a brand name i find to be totally unwieldy, btw) anti-dandruff shampoo in my closet! i tried it for two days, problem not resolved.

i knew i had to get to my dandruff go-to for times of hair-snow crisis, head & shoulders. what i about h&s is that they are a dandruff shampoo, but on top of that they focus on hair needs - like volume or shine - that consumers may want. yeah, i don't want dandruff, but i also want to knock people out with my shine. hence, i'm partial to the smooth &shiny formula. if you're snowing this spring, get some h&s therapy.

1 comment:

jbglam said...

Herbal Essence just came out with a line of shampoo/conditioner too to hydrate. Its called hydralicious. Its also featured on a show on www.glamour.tv

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