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glowelle beauty drink makes me want to just eat healthy!

my friend stefanie and i are trying to accommodate the change in seasons while looking our best, so we agreed to try out glowelle beauty drink together. the idea is easy enough, all you have to do is add a powdered packet to your water (looks like crystal lite) and drink up, X 7 days. then, your skin is supposed to glow, glow, glow - like the sheen you'd get if you were on a diet of salmon and almonds.

my flavor was pomegranate lychee. stefanie tried the raspberry jasmine flavor. both of them tasted good enough, but had a bitter aftertaste, which stefanie described as "like antibiotics". her latest text to me on our glowelle challenge read like this "ohmygosh! this glowelle drink is officially gross tasting. one more day! hows your skin? my skin does seem a bit more radiant..."

at the end of my 7 day challenge, my skin is a bit more radiant as well - but the 7 day kit costs $40, enough to have bought groceries and enjoyed a few healthy meals of salmon and almonds, which probably would've had a better aftertaste. the only chance i'd do this again is if a had a huge occasion coming up - like my wedding, or funeral.

visit glowelle.com to learn more.


diana said...

I've heard good and bad about this drink. It's good to hear that you did see a difference in you skin but it doesn't sound to tasty. My first instinct was correct. I'll pass on it.

Natalia said...

I love Glowelle. I have been drinking it for a few months now and have seen such great changes in my skin. My texture has improved tremendously and I am always getting compliments on my glow! The taste I would discribe as "aquired" but I now look forward to drinking it everyday. The energy it provides me with each day, makes me feel great. You should try it longer than just 7days.

Stefanie said...

Indeed, the taste and the price make it not so appealing. I felt like my skin did glow a bit more, but it could be due to the fact that I was drinking an extra 16 oz of water. I am now inspired to drink more H2O and get my vitamins from fresh and tasty fruits and veggies... not from Glowelle. Although I agree, for a special occasion, I would pinch my nose and drink it for 1 week.

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