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borba gummi bears are my new dessert.

borba gummi bears are a taste-ament to that fact that eating your way to awesome skin doesn't have to taste gross- it can be delicious!

they are made with skin powerhouse ingredients such as acai (that mysterious amazon fruit that is popping up in all things skin-related), green tea extract and grape seed extract. and they taste better than regular gummi bears. if you want your skin to be fly, just switch from whatever you currently eat for dessert to these. that's my current plan.

1 sack of borba gummi bears contains 136 bears for $25. the recommended dose is at least 6/day, not to exceed a whole bag. this seems doable, as long as keep them away from your drunk friends. seriously.

available at borba.com and select GNC locations.


Jasmin said...

Ooo.. they look fab ! haha.. i want to try them ! haha

Anonymous said...

Still, 22 days worth of vitamins for $25? Eesh

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