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the venus embrace razor - 5X the blades.

when will enough blades be enough? that is the question i find myself asking while looking at my new 5 blade venus embrace razor. the answer seems to be, never. newer and more blade-filled razors come out each year, defying the laws of physics in the name of smoothness.

now i'm not saying this is a bad thing, i love my venus embrace -- it's keeping me out of the prickly pear zone and then some - any razor with less than two blades gets me to be to prickly pear by 3pm.

what i really love about this razor is the protective ribbon of moisture surrounding the blades. it making shaving gel obsolete - i can just wet my legs and use the venus embrace sans further lubrication.

venus embrace is available at food, drug, grocery and mass merchandise stores with suggested retail price of $11.99, including the refillable razor, two cartridges, and showerpod.

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