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suki pure skin care is my new religion.

did you read the title? suki is my re-li-gion. i think that says it all - but i'll elaborate.

over the weekend i got a request for a follow-up on my suki-fied skincare regimen (read here to get the background story) - which reminded me to tell all of you that i am absolutely loving the suki. i know i've been busy with fashion week -- but i seriously don't know how i could've been keeping this from you this long!

i am using the suki exfoliate foaming cleanser ($29.95) and facial lift ultimate firming cream ($150) from the suki spa line as my morning routine. i can honestly say i dont think my skin has ever looked better. the other day my guy friend asked me if i had either "gotten more sleep or gotten pregnant" because my face was glowing.

i'm going to assume that that comment is both:
a. a compliment
b. a testiment for how amazing suki is

suki pure skin care is all about organic, vegan and fair trade - so in addition to making me look great it's making earth look pretty, too. get glowing at sukipure.com.


fig+sage said...

Isn't Suki the best?!?! This is hands-down one of the best skin care lines out there, not to mention its totally pure...filled to the top with organic and natural ingredients that won't harm your skin. And how about the scent...to. die. for! We LOOOOVE it and so glad you joined the Suki religion too :)



makeup loves me said...

i totally agree - i am serious about not using anything else now...my skin is totally glowing ;)

SUKI (tm) SuperElite (tm) member said...

SUKI (tm) is The New World Religion (tm), a major international religion with over 2 million members worldwide. http://www.SUKI-tm.com .

SUKI (tm) was founded in Japan in the 1970s by Japanese intellectuals dissaffected with traditional religion, at Mount Ikus, a very famous place in Japan.

Just thought I'd clear that up. SUKI (tm) isn't face cream, or anything silly like that. SUKI (tm) is brand-name religion.

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