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redken's color extend has been reformulated.

my favorite shampoo/conditioner duo for those of us with a dye addiction has been reformulated! redken's color extend line has gotten a makeover.

normally i think "if it ain't broke don't fix it" is a motto more brands should adapt but in this case reformulating was a good thing. it's still the only product line that stops the red dye from washing out of my hair every two weeks, but now it's got some extras. UVA and UVB agents now prevent my auburn locks for environmental damage. cranberry oil ups the shine and ceramide gives it strength.

but, it still smells the same, still feels the same, and still looks the same - and most importantly it still protects my color the same. though, i have noticed my hair is a little more shiny lately. shampoo - $13, conditioner - $14, color extend rich recovery (actually my favorite product in the line) - $15. learn more at redken.com.

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