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MAC's sugarsweet.

beauties, i'm at the airport, about to jet-set to florida for a few days (spring break '09! - but don't worry, i plan to update mlm plenty, because i have a lot to say). but before i go anywhere, i needed to tell you about MAC's sugarsweet collection. every once and a while MAC does something so colorful, fresh, and bright that it makes my heart races when i look at it. and as a devout dessert worshipper, sugarsweet does it for me.

the whole collection is filled with pearly pastel glaze - so spring! - which translates best in the shadestick. i have red velvet (frosted mid-tone pink) and it gave me genuine barbie lips - seriously it looked like i stole the lips right off that doll - all matte and frosty and bright bright bright.

i could go on and on and list every item in the collection, but i have a plane to catch -- and even though the launch date isn't until this thursday (3/19/08) it's already up on maccosmetics.com. so check it out and let me know if you find it as intriguing as i do!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Awesome post and pictures! Keep it up :)

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