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look like kim kardashian - with affordable fake lashes.

thanks to the popularity of doe-eyed looks like kim kardashian's, fake eyelashes are becoming an everyday beauty necessity. now that i'm wearing false lashes every weekend my penchant for pricey false lashes had to be downsized.

luckily, i've discovered two mass brand faux lash delights - tropez and revlon. both make flirty lashes and revlon even has some more artful picks. my friend dawn is wearing revlon's "blue shadow" lashes in this picture.

oh, and the application of both is fairly easy (though if you are confused about fake lash application see my tutorial) - my straight guy friend put dawn's on for her! now you have no excuse not to share my love for faux lashes, beauties.


Kathleen said...

Do you reuse your falsies? I always throw them away after I use them becaus they are so gunky and twisted up by the time I take them off.

makeup loves me said...

hi kathleen!

i havent been reusing these --but my more expensive lashes i try to get 3 wears out of...its a stretch

Anonymous said...

Just use "1000 hour" individual glue on lashes for only $9. they stay on for a week and u can re-use them wen u put em back on! they're amazing i love them and always have fake lashes inn (=

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