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beam laser spa final results.

if it's been a bit quiet here about the progress of my underarm laser hair removal at beam laser spa for the last few months, it's only because it's been going so smoothly it was hard to remark on.

but in bittersweet news, friday was my last appointment. i'm officially cured of underarm hair! while getting lasered was mildly painful at times, it never hurt more than waxing and i never had any lasting redness from the appointments.

the way the phone was ringing in the few minutes i was waiting for my final appointment, you'd never know we were in a recession. it seems like the rest of nyc is discovering these hair removal experts just in time to start prepping for summer. to join the ranks, visit them at beamlaserspa.com or call 212.245.2577.

and in order to immortalize my time at beam i've added a perma-link in the tool bar on the right (sites to see) - so it will always be just a click away.

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