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philosophy has created a diet you can live with.

february is here!

february is my absolute favorite month, aside from the summer months. it's the perfect length (4 weeks makes it much more neatly organized than any of the other months), its the month of my mom's birthday and, of course, the month of valentine's day. as a girly girl, i have nothing but love for valentine's day. pink/red/purple heart-shaped cookies here i come!

one of philosophy's newest gift sets, a diet you can live with, has valentine's day written all over it. this is the perfect little something extra if you've decided to spend the holiday watching movies on the couch with a girlfriend. the set includes philosophy's signature 3-in-1's in three heavenly rich scents; pink frosted layer cake, creme brulee and classic fudge cake. $30 at sephora.

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