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oscars beauty 101 with bruce grayson, celebrity makeup artist.

beauties, i just got off the phone with celebrity makeup artist, bruce grayson, who worked the oscars last nite.

bruce styled goldie hawn, whoopi goldberg, and several of the men in attendance (hd tv means everyone needs a little help!). i asked him a few questions to help you learn more about some of the nite's looks:

  • what are three must-haves for looking gorgeous on the red carpet?
- great skin, beforehand
- great concealer/great foundation
- great lashes -- "lashes are the key big eyes. it's no longer about using a lot of liner or shadow to create a big eye. there's so much more simplicity in opening the eye up with big lashes.
  • what product did you use most on celebrities?
- olay definity color recapture - "i use products i know will work and blend fast."
  • what trends did you see in the makeup last nite?
-"the oscars is about simplicity - the focus will be on eyes, lips, or brows. maybe 2, but not all 3. and translucency in makeup is here to stay. all sheer with skin showing through. sure, you cover blotchiness, redness, but you can still see their skin."
  • which trends did you see carrying over from last week's runway shows?
- "lip color. but sheer, bright color, like MAC's new cremesheen glass. it has more coverage than gloss but less texture than lipstick. and defined brows - they were on the runway and they were at the oscars last nite."

  • who was your favorite look of the nite:
- "jennifer aniston - she normally looks natural, clean, but she pumped it up with those stained cheeks. she looked healthy and fashion-y! and her skin was radiant. can i just say that tina fey also looked great last nite!"
  • which celeb do you love working with?
-"there are so many great celebrities. i don't want to answer this question, because i don't want to get anyone mad at me! but i worked rosario dawson last week and she was so smart. she's such a great, nice woman. and so damn gorgeous!"

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