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MAC's ruffian red, a limited edition fashion week treat.

beauties, the fashion week gods have smiled upon me!

i have my very own tube of MAC's ruffian red, a bright yellow-red lipstick, created by MAC and ruffian. designer and makeup line fashion week collaborations delight me!

and get this, only 500 tubes of this lipstick exist - it cannot be purchased and is only available to those who attended the show (which was on saturday, 2/14/09) and select trendsetters (is that me?!).

the shade is meant to capture the franco-american allure of ruffian's fall 2009 collection. the inspiration? a red lacquer 18th century chinese vase in the home of ruffian-friend and muse, antonia thompson. obscure, n'est-ce pas?

i haven't had a minute to put it on yet, but you can bet once i do the pictures will be here. now, its back to my tent/event-packed schedule!

image credit: wwd.com


Alice said...

so jealous!! anyway youre willing to sell it?

makeup loves me said...

sorry, alice! you probably wouldn't want it anyway -- i've already been wearing it! i'll try to post some pics of it this week.

Mona said...

That is TOO cool. As silly as it sounds, do you know anybody else who wouldn't mind parting with their Ruffy? Thanks!

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