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completely bare says "say it with swarovski crystals!"

this has to be the most unique valentine's day gift i've heard about - the opulent bikini wax with 24k and swarovski crystals from completely bare.

once an exclusive service provided by completely bare’s bond street location, the opulent bikini wax is now available at all completely bare locations. the lavish treatment includes a completely bare wax followed by a 24-karat gold spray to give your smooth skin extra shimmer. next, swarovski crystals are individually applied by hand to create your look of choice.

in celebration of valentine’s day 2009, completely bare is offering two limited edition designs: a red swarovski crystal heart design or your significant other’s initials. and for the single ladies there are two other design options: a broken heart or the signature skull and crossbones.

$185 at completely bare locations: 103 fifth ave, nyc; 764 madison ave; nyc, barney’s new york; 25 bond street, nyc and 12 Chase Road, scarsdale, ny. for more info visit completelybare.com.

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