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shake your beau bain bath bombs.

beauties, i don't know if it was leftover fashion week stress or what, but my shoulders were so knotted up last nite they seemed to be up to my ears. so i did something i only usually do in florida...

i took a bath!

i had just gotten a box of beau bain bath bombs, one of which was called rainbow sherbet and it sort of looked like a scoop of rainbow sherbet. which, to me, is the definition of a tempting item. i dropped it in some very hot water and was immediately delighted by it's intense fizzing and the soft citrus/cream smell that filled the room.

once i got into the tub, i knew this was a well-made bath bomb because my skin softened up in no time (includes dead sea salts, clays and essential oils ). another thing about these beau bain bath bombs is that they look beautiful together, so their collections - fruit, floral, icecream and lavender may be the best purchase because the unused ones make for a beautiful bathroom display.

each bomb itself is $8, a collection of 4 is $29 at beaubain.com.

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