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nars iridescent duo eyeshadows - iceland, kilimanjaro and thebes.

one of the best things about snowy days (fine, the only good thing about snowy days) is reflecting the flurries with your eye makeup, by using iridescent shadows. the look perfectly and simply complimented by black lashes.

even though the year has changed, my signatures remain the same. and iridescent shadows are now and will always be one of my favorite looks. it's unique, yet subtle. and the iridescent shadows are particularly beautiful in a winter wonderland.

i've started my new year with three great new nars' duos - iceland (icy blue & icy green), thebes (sheer platnum & sheer gold), kilimanjaro (icy blue & icy yellow). $32 a duo.

1 comment:

Phyrra said...

Very Pretty!
I'm a big fan of iridescence ;)

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