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MAC's penultimate eye liner.

MAC's chill collection comes to down to one key player - penultimate eye liner in rapidblack ($16.50).

the pros:
- like a little sharpie, you just draw your liner on. which may be better for someone who doesn't have a steady hand with a brush.

- this liner has staying power. i drew on my hand with it, then washed a sink full of dishes, and the line hadn't smudged. this is especially great because i love winged liner looks, and a lot of times i find myself with only one wing midway through the day.

the con:
-like with other sharpie-style liquid liners, i find the black is a always a soft black, never a true midnight shade. this could work in it's favor, though, if you aren't going for super-dramatic.

1 comment:

C said...

You should try Eve Pearl's liquid eyeliner. Easy to use pen, DARK black, and doesn't budge.

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