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i met stacy london, from what not to wear!

last nite i went to an event all about how to be a frugalista (stylish beauty who makes economy-wise beauty choices), and unbeknown to me (or believe me, i would've worn a better outfit), stacy london from "what not to wear" was the guest of honor.

i got the chance to chat with stacy in and an intimate group and get some beauty and style advice for 2009 from her:

1. on how effective and inexpensive pantene shampoo, conditioner and styling products: "the economy doesn't really matter to me. having good hair does. and both pantene you get an amazing product that happens to be at a great price."

2. stacy recommends saving some money on fun shoes and going for something by jeffrey campbell, oh! deer or seychelle's (all favorites of mine as well!).

3. she predicts costume jewelry is about to come back, big time. and brooches. lots of talk about brooches.

4. the wet seal skinny jeans in black are $19.99, and she thinks they're amazing. i can't find them on the website, but get on that.

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