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essie's spring 2009 line.

essie's spring 2009 lacquer line is taking it's cues from the runway.

picking up on the colors seen in the fabrics, essie has created a line with bright reds, dusty pinks and even a bold blue. the above picture is from the gucci spring 2009 collection. even though i would look like a clown in them, i sorta want those pants. and i definitely want those shoes.

essie weingarten, president and founder of essie cosmetics says, "this was a season of classic hues." and i can't help but notice, like the trends of the last few spring lines, quite nautical!


  • lacquered up - red hot crimson
  • flawless - cherry blossom pink
  • eternal optimist - spiced tea rose
  • mesmerize - royal va-va blue
  • one of a kind - poppy red kiss
  • status symbol - feisty hot pink
i think one of a kind will be my favorite - i've said it before and i'll say it again - if you want to sell me a cheek, nail or lip color, describe it as poppy and consider it in the bag.

the collection is now available at essie.com for $8 a bottle.

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