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clairol's perfect 10 - done at home!

i normally avoid coloring my own hair. i figure that is the sort of thing best left to the professionals - it's like washing a dry-clean only shirt at home. i just don't mess with some things. but beauties, money is tight.

last time i used clairol's perfect 10 it was in the comfort of the ted gibson salon and under the watchful eye of celebrity colorist, jason backe. and i was incredibly happy with results (see that here). but, tonite there was no salon, no celebrity stylist, just me and two boxes - light auburn and dark auburn. and i was scared.

i mixed them together, put it on my roots, waited 5 minutes, put it on the rest of my hair and my eyebrows (yes, i know i'm not supposed to do that), waited another 5 minutes, and hopped in the shower.

and after that run-on sentence, i can say that i am once again very pleased! it's fast (you actually are not even supposed to leave it in for a moment over 10 minutes), it's auburn, and it's affordable.

if you must color at home, visit perfectcolorin10.com.


Pavlina said...

Nice review. Do you know how the gray coverage is? I stopped using these kits over tow years ago as I found they just didn't cover my copious and very obvious gray hair. I still color at home, but I go to Sally and buy Clairol Professional hair color. I saw this product though and I was tempted by the ten minute promise!

makeup loves me said...

Hehe - sorry Pavlina - I"m not sure about how well it does with greys! if you try it please let me know ;)

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