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xac anthony salon.

when i sat down in calli's chair at xac anthony salon and spa, i said, "i think i need less layers." in my opinion, my hair had started to look kind of like a mushroom with very little hair at it's longest length and a huge cap-shape of shorter hair that banded around my head. but calli looked my reflection in they eye and said, "i think you need more layers."

never one to argue with the experts, i said, "ok, well, i like my hair to have a lot of body, and other than that, do what you want to it." and i have not regretted it one bit! calli's plan was to get my hair sexified - and now that it's looking all victoria's secret runway-esque, i think her mission has been accomplished!

the salon itself is focused on very cutting-edge and runway looks, but made to be wearable for the average nyc woman. women's cuts start at $115. and the salon follows my personal belief all salon and spa services are best paired with with a glass of wine or a cocktail - and xac anthony salon is with me on that. thursday nites are "XA and the city", with complimentary martinis, cosmos and friday nites are "tequila sunsets" with complimentary martinis, and wine always on hand. visit them at xacanthony.com.


eikcaj said...

You must show us a before and after... or at least the after! I'd love to see your victoria secret runway-esque results! The fashion show last night was so glamorous!

makeup loves me said...

haha, expect an after picture monday morning!

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