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suki pure skin care and introducing suki spa.

i recently had the privilege of meeting suki kramer, creator of suki pure skin care and her newly launching high-end line, suki spa.

seeing her moon goddess face (her skin is strikely blemish-free and even) was enough to convince me to try the line. when i asked her how she became interested in a starting a skincare line she said it was because she used to have a lot of problems with her skin, though i find this hard to believe, it only served to make me even more convinced that i had to give the line a try. this picture does not do her justice --- she was glowing!

i've just begun using suki pure skincare and spa products, but i can attest to their natural feel - all the products are 100% pure and organic. though i normally don't get seduced by the "organic thing", but the pureness of this line makes me feel totally comfortable slathering my face in her bio-active purifying face serum (for people with acne). see all suki has to offer at sukipure.com, and expect to see an update from me on my suki-fied skin.


ButterflyDiary said...

No freakin' way! I want to try this line! I am already a believer from seeing her gorge skin.

The Q said...

Great blog. I'm just starting to explore the organic side of makeup. Here's a great vid I found about organic skin care. http://www.salonhive.com/videos/video/595/Organic-Skin-Care--Sophyto-Organics-Skin-Energising-Serum

makeup loves me said...

hi ladies!

i am definitely thinking of taking my skincare in a more organic direction after seeing suki's glow!

Anonymous said...

Did you post that update about your suki-fied skin that you mentioned on the last line?? I would sure love to read your update! Thanx

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