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shu uemura's tokyo lash bar is a must for new year's eve.

typically, i think there are three nites a year when you get away with wearing lashes as absolutely crazy as you want - halloween, your birthday, and new year's eve.

shu uemura's faux lashes are unparalleled in their creativity. they are the only brand to make fantasies - like feather or lace lashes - come to life. and their lash glue is the best on the market.

today is the day to hit your shu counter, if you are applying the lashes at home. but, if applying lashes isn't your forte, stop by tomorrow and coax the sales people into applying them for you, then just build your look around the lashes. or you can of course, always re-visit my false lash application tutorial by clicking here.

all featured lashes are from the tokyo lash bar 2008 collection, one of my all time favorites. i am planning on wearing the middle lash - dazzling sapphire diamante - tomorrow nite.


Anonymous said...

I hope your planning to post a picture of your lashes and party look!
Happy New Year

Beauty 365 said...

oooh, cute lashes

colleen said...

Make Up Forever also makes high quality, super fun lashes. Many of their versions are just as creative as Shu Uemera. More options!

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