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sedu revolution nano ceramic tourmaline hair styler.

beauties, sorry i've been m.i.a. for the last few days. i'm back in sunny florida -- meaning i have brought a selection (ok, a full suitcase) of my most promising new products to try and review.

additionally, it seems that the final countdown to christmakkah is upon us, so expect to see many more wish list features this week to help out with last minute gifts. updates will be running constantly for the next couple days (it's gonna be like perez hilton here), so keep checking back!

and now for the sedu revolution nano ceramic tourmaline hair styler.

lately, i'd been hearing a lot of buzz about sedu's newest tool, the revolution nano ceramic tourmaline hair styler. a friend asked me to check around and see if it really is "that good". then, two of my blogger friends, who naturally have gi-norm-ous hair, had stylings with the sedu and their hair was flatter than pancakes!

but for me? i normally avoid all flat irons, as i figure a flat iron isn't a very good idea for a girl with flat hair (that would make sense, right?). however, the sedu revolution nano ceramic tourmaline hair styler (quite the mouthful!) is a hair styler, meaning it can used to give volume and even waves and curls. i've been using it to volumize my roots for the last two weeks and i'm obsessed. yes, halie, it really it "that good".

the sedu was a formidible tool - and a great gift for yourself (to look your hottest new year's eve night, perhaps?!) or to a very wonderful friend. it also comes in hot pink. both colors are $139.99 at www.folica.com.

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