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holiday wish list 2008: red flower little flower set of 6 candles.

i am passionate about red flower - love, love, love them. any gift you get from is guaranteed to be special to anyone who appreciates quality - their japanese peony moisturizing body lotion ($24) is the most divine thing i've ever smelled - subtle but intoxicating.

their candle gift set, the little flower set of 6 candles ($60) is an easy gift for anyone from your favorite hostess to your future mother-in-law to your kid's teacher. yeah, pretty much anyone would love it.

the kit includes 6 mini candles, in individual boxes with their own little match books. the candle scents are: spanish gardenia, moroccan rose, ocean, italian blood orange, french lavender, and japanese peony.

this is the second gift i'm giving myself this season -- don't forget to treat yourselves, beauties!

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