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holiday wish list 2008: philip b's white truffle gift set.

i heart philip b's white truffle shampoo.

but before we go any further, you should know we're talking about the super-earthy mushroom truffle here, not the chocolate delight you might find at godiva or vosges. i actually find the natural, earthy scent of this shampoo refreshing - it's a nice break from the cloyingly sweet smells of so many shower products. moreover, it has excellent conditioning power. the limited edition holiday gift set includes the shampoo and conditioner, wrapped in a pretty box with a bow for $125 at philipb.com. and, if you still crave the sweet stuff, i hear he also has a chocolate milk gift set.


lelaelena said...

Hi, I wanted to let you know I've recently become a fan of your blog and would like to feature you in the coming few weeks on my own blog. I am also starting a blogroll.
Just wanted to drop by and let you know!

makeup loves me said...

awesome! thank you so much :)

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