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holiday wish list 2008: miss oops.

if your friends are anything like my friends, then miss oops may be the best place to get gifts for many of them.

these products are ingenious solutions to all the unexpected wardrobe problems women experience. they say their mission is to provide women with beauty saving, problem solving products that make life easier, but i'm pretty sure it's just to stop you from embarrassing yourself.

the top product, rescue sponge ($10), is a solution to my most common problem, deodorant stains on the clothes. i got a set last weekend and have been just waiting for it happen, but it shockingly hasn't yet, so i will have to update you on their success. the second product, jaks ($38), is a something i think many of the women i saw out last saturday night should invest in - it's to cover the "crack" one gets when they have low cut pants and a higher shirt. jaks is meant to look like a sexy lace camisole and hides plumber peek-a-boo nicely.

visit missoops.com to see some of their other ideas, and, their website has free u.s. shipping for the month of december - so have fun!

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AJ said...

Palm is running a campaign where you can text your wish list to Santa with a chance to win what you text.

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