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holiday wish list 2008: goody holiday jewels.

i'm a little (ok, a lot) disappointed that there was no gossip girl this week.

instead there have been lots of holiday parties and dinners to attend - and not lots of $$$ left in my budget after holiday shopping for everyone on my list. enter goody. they have unique pieces at recession prices that help to give some "blair" flare to your hair (yes, i worked hard on that rhyme).

i have worn both of the featured headbands (the top is "vixen" and the bottom is "cosmopolitan") and received compliments. goody's holiday jewels collection is available exclusively at target. view the extensive and festive collection here.


Lori Ann said...

"Blaire Flare" - I love it!! I call my Cosmopolitan headband "LC" because I think it's such a great Lauren Conrad knock-off.

Thanks for the post. Hope you have a great holiday.

~Lori Ann
Goody Products

Tavia said...

I love the black vixen and i think will look great on blonde hair

Cherry(: said...

black vixen. nicee.

yea i was disappointed about the no gossip girl too.

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