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holiday wish list 2008: givenchy's roll-on fragrances.

roll on fragrance is a great gift! why is roll on fragrance a great gift?

  1. it's super convenient - fits right in the purse.
  2. it's just as divine, but much less expensive, than a full-sized fragrance.
  3. it's the perfect size for a "stocking stuffer".
  4. it's just right for that person you need to give a small but special gift to.
and that's my plug for roll-on fragrance. i'm a roll-on fanatic myself, so it definitely makes a great gift for me.

givenchy has turned two of it's beautiful scents - absolutely irresistible and very irresistible into roll-on delights for the holiday season. i love very irresistible - it has my two favorite fragrance notes - rose and anise!

$22 a roll-on at sephora.com.

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